Carron and Caroline are dynamic and engaging speakers who value providing evidence-based information and practical strategies in a relatable way. The goal of our workshops is for participants to leave with a better understanding, down-to-earth strategies that can be applied right away, and additional resources.

We will work with your organization to tailor our workshops specifically for your audience and needs.

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“Our adolescent son recently needed help describing some anxious feelings. Thankfully, we had just bought The Invisible Riptide and asked him to read it. The book was a superb help in our discussion, and helped him realize how normal his feelings are, especially now.”

– Mother of Four

“It has given us words to talk about how we’re feeling and emphasized the importance of asking for help when we need it.”

– Mother of Five

“I have read The Invisible Riptide, and it spoke to my heart and to my passion for meeting the social/emotional/behavioral needs of students who have experienced trauma, neglect, abuse, insecure attachment with a caring adult, transience, unstable home environments, and any other experience that causes a change in the brain’s ability to process big feelings.”

– Special Education Teacher

“...It was one of the first times I had ever seen my thoughts, on paper, and coming from someone else. It’s extremely validating to know that my generation as a whole has these thoughts too, and we’re not alone.”

– Junior in High School

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