Meet Our Team!

Carron Montgomery


Carron is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist, Level II trained EMDR, and trauma specialist. At the outset of her career, Carron worked for two nonprofit organizations: the first focused on counseling survivors of sexual abuse, and the second focused on serving low-income families and victims of trauma. She then started a private practice with two other women who specialize in treating anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, grief, and loss. Carron utilizes a client-centered approach that collaborates with each client’s team of professionals–teachers, doctors, school social workers, and primary caregivers.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Carron witnessed an unaddressed critical need for education and support for children’s and teens’ mental health. She trained local school counselors and began writing to provide additional resources to the community and a voice for her clients. The Invisible Riptide was born out of a need for community and a desire to create a shared understanding of mental health and the necessity of human connection. The book also gives a voice to her clients and the common, yet hidden, struggles they all face. Her passions for community, connection, and support of human well-being are evident throughout her work and The Invisible Riptide series.

Dr. Caroline Danda


Dr. Caroline Danda is a private practice clinical psychologist who works with children and adolescents with anxiety, depression, and other emotional or behavioral regulation problems. She loves working with children and teens who have “big emotions.” She has a passion for normalizing mental and emotional well-being and helping youth and their families resolve current challenges and develop foundational skills for thriving.

She has been active in various community organizations and schools. With the onset of the pandemic, her passion for sharing information and making mental health resources accessible led to her partnering with Carron Montgomery to develop and create The Invisible Riptide book series and website. Partnering with Carron Montgomery was a natural extension of her passion, allowing her to bring her wisdom and experience outside her office to fill the gaps.

She is also a wife and a mother of three boys. Based on her experience in clinical practice, in the community, and within her own family, she has a talent for tailoring information and skills to meet the needs of individuals and their families. Her goals are to provide accessible, practical information to empower individuals and families to find out what works for them.

Chris Doolittle


Chris has been a musician since his first performance in 1976. He had a long and varied career in the 80s before pausing to raise his family. His music career flourished again from a push from his Montessori teacher, and he began to perform and write music for children. This started his career as “Mr. Doolittle,” a children’s musician. Chris releases self-produced and original compositions, performs at schools around the KC area, and does children’s festivals. In 2019, he retired and resumed his dream full-time. In 2022, Chris was brought on to write songs for The Invisible Riptide. Chris shared our passion for developing much-needed resources aimed at helping families with mental health wellness and began writing amazing songs. 

Kristal Ronnebaum

Event Coordinator, Community Connector, Enthusiast

Kristal’s mission is to build community and connection in this great city we call home! Kristal is a consummate volunteer within the community. She was first introduced to The Invisible Riptide during the Junior League KC C3KC conference, where Caroline and Carron presented the mental health crisis in young children. She shares the same passion and vision for supporting the building of mental wellness through community, collaboration, and connection. Kristal has been instrumental in creating ongoing community connections to partner with The Invisible Riptide and coordinate events like the Summer Refresh and Back to School Recharge Family Fun Events. She is the Community Coordinator for HoneyDews KC and has partnered with Denise Albright to promote organizational tools for enjoying more and stressing less. 

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