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Just Between Us - Conversation Cards

At home: We love these cards because they bring back the importance of social skills, in-person conversations, listening, and learning from each other. In the classroom: This game can also be used for writing prompts, a get-to-know-you activity, questions of the day, or small group discussions.


At home: This game is a great way to build relationships, encourage exploration of strengths, and learn about each other. In the classroom: Have each student select one quality and one animal card. Then make a collage of all of the strengths we have when we come together. Then, discuss why connections are so important.

Pando: The Trivia Game About Us

This game is a great way to laugh with your teen or tween. Make sure to go through the cards first and take any out that you know would be a no go! Also, have the pass rule and try to laugh and share about yourself.

Bright Spots

This is a fun card game for younger kids. It’s a fill-in-the-blank game that can be used at the dinner table, for game night, or in the classroom as prompts for writing or discussion.

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