Grow Your Calm

grow Your calm

Here at Invisible Riptide, we are passionate about promoting mind-body wellness and regulation. Our training and experience as mental health professionals in private practice mean we have unique perspectives on what works to help our minds and bodies calm and regulate. 

Here are a few of our favorite calming items!


 TouchPoints are patented wearables that are scientifically proven to reduce the negative impacts of stress, increase focus, improve sleep, enhance performance and keep you centered. By using gentle alternating vibrations on both sides of the body, TouchPoints shift you from your “fight or flight” stress response to a peaceful, calm response. Carron and Carron use them all the time in their own lives. 

Read our guides to on how  to use Touchpoints to get the most benefit.

 How to Use Touchpoints to Grow Your Calm

How to Use TouchPoints to Manage ADHD

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calm strips

Calm Strips are colorful strips with different textures that you can stick on your phone, laptop, planner, steering wheel, desk, or anything that you carry with you or is nearby. Feeling the different textures can provide different sensory inputs, and the rhythmic movement can interrupt the reaction and help calm the nervous system.

Sweet Streams Lavender

Lavender smells great and really can help you grow your calm. Research shows regular use of lavender can actually calm the nervous system, improve mood, lower blood pressure, and ultimately lessen anxiety and depression.

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Denise Albright

There’s nothing that will cause more anxiety than to have too many to-dos in your head. The Reminder Binder is our favorite, fun way to keep track of things on paper. Its inviting colors and designs make it, so fun to use. We also love the Gratitude Journal.

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Kwik Stix

We absolutely love using these anytime we do art with kids, teens, and even adults but especially when we do the Make Your Own Riptide Activity. These paint sticks have such a smooth feel to them, and they help to calm and regulate the body while being able to express yourself.

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