From Surviving to Vibing


Carron Montgomery
and Dr. Caroline Danda

Our Invisible Riptide book series was created to help children, teens, families, and communities understand the complexities of mental health and how we can better connect with ourselves and the ones around us to overcome challenges, raise awareness, and develop mental strength.

From Surviving to Vibing: Filling in the Gaps is packed with tips and tricks for tweens, teens, young adults, and caregivers, as they can get a glimpse into the world of youth today. It is designed to help the world fill in the gaps across generations and professions by equipping readers with the tools needed to decide what works for them. Surviving to Vibing is meant to empower and motivate individuals. It is a book of self-discovery, a conversation starter, and a way to thrive as an individual and within the community. The book is a great resource for individuals, families, teachers, counselors, and anyone else working with tweens, teens, and young adults.

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