building mental health together

Keeping mental health

the top priority

Everyone deserves to be heard, understood, and validated. As seasoned therapists and psychologists, we saw the need to bring a preventative approach to mental wellness to families, youths, and communities. We want to close the gap between mental health professionals and those seeking guidance and give everyone opportunities for better mental health.

bringing understanding and awareness

To bring guidance and growth to all, we have developed resources, tools, and books for those looking to better themselves and the people and communities around them. From those looking to understand their mental health struggles to those who want to better communicate with their families, we aim to provide the necessary resources.


hope – healing – connection

from surviving to vibing

tips – tricks – family togetherness

We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to express their emotions, understand mental health, and form genuine connections with one another.

“Our adolescent son recently needed help describing some anxious feelings. Thankfully, we had just bought The Invisible Riptide and asked him to read it. The book was a superb help in our discussion, and helped him realize how normal his feelings are, especially now.”

– Mother of Four

“It has given us words to talk about how we’re feeling and emphasized the importance of asking for help when we need it.”

– Mother of Five

“I have read The Invisible Riptide, and it spoke to my heart and to my passion for meeting the social/emotional/behavioral needs of students who have experienced trauma, neglect, abuse, insecure attachment with a caring adult, transience, unstable home environments, and any other experience that causes a change in the brain’s ability to process big feelings.”

– Special Education Teacher

“...It was one of the first times I had ever seen my thoughts, on paper, and coming from someone else. It’s extremely validating to know that my generation as a whole has these thoughts too, and we’re not alone.”

– Junior in High School

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